Proactive Coaching

Guide Actions

Manage Your Support Experience Team's Performance

Customer Testimonial

Proactive Coaching

Guide Actions

Manage Your Support Experience Team's Performance

Customer Testimonial

Boost Agent Productivity

with SupportLogic Agent SX

  • Coach agents in real-time
  • Guide actions with natural language processing (NLP) signals
  • Continuously prioritize and manage backlog
  • Collaborate more effectively
  • Manage your team's performance

Coach Your Agents with Unique Insights

Case Guidance

Prompt agents to act on meaningful signals; distinct from metadata driven ‘CRM case status’.

Backlog Analytics

Understand the skill matrix of your agents and view statistics of their past performance.

Soft Skills Coaching

Leverage NLP to understand soft-skill gaps to better coach your agents. Do joint case reviews and transform the overall support experience.

Guide Actions with NLP Signals

Predictive Case Prioritization

Stack rank cases in real-time based on NLP-driven customer sentiment and urgency.

Modern Agent Dashboard

Visibility to predictive real-time recommendations.

Backlog Summary View

Get a birds-eye manager view of each agents' backlog and break it down by sentiment, age, priority or case status. Quickly identify which tickets needs help.

Manage Your Support Experience Team's Performance

Virtual Teams and Virtual Orgs

Group your agents by skill level or by geographical location or area of expertise or by reporting hierarchy. Run benchmarking reports across those teams.

Filter Reports by Virtual Teams/Orgs

Leverage virtual teams and organizations as filters to drill down your cases and backlog to a specific team or function.

Availability and OOTO Management

Effortlessly track each agent's availability and OOTO schedule. Manage backlog by reassigning to another engineer.

Customer Testimonial

24x7 Coaching and Decision Engine

SupportLogic Agent SX gives us a 24x7 coaching and decision engine for our entire support team. By extending the ability to predict and understand the factors driving escalation and customer churn to all of our agents, we will get a multiplier effect on the value of SupportLogic and improve our customer service experience

Giri Iyer, SVP of Global Customer Support and Success, Rubrik

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