AI-Powered Case Assignment

Assignment Modes & Integration

AI-Powered Case Assignment

Assignment Modes & Integration

Reduce Case Resolution Time By 25%

with SupportLogic SX Case Assignment

  • Automatic skill matrix detection from existing tickets
  • Manual and Automatic case assignment modes
  • Push and Pull model for case assignments
  • Factor agent availability and vacation
  • Factor agent's previous experience with the customer
  • Increase first contact resolution rate

AI-Powered Case Assignment

Automatically analyze your existing cases and leverage an ensemble of patent-pending AI and NLP techniques to determine the right support engineer for any given case and at any given stage

Sophisticated Matching Algorithm

Automatically learn from existing support tickets and factor in skill relevancy, case complexity, agent availability and timezone to determine the right fit.

Agent Case Backlog

Get a quick glimpse of each agent's case backlog by case priority or case status before assigning the case.

Customer History

An agent's prior history and relationship with a customer can absolutely change the outcome of a new case.

Seamless Integration With Your Existing Workflows

Case Assignment Modes

Leverage pull or push mode for case assignment. In the pull mode, agents will be able to pick up cases from the recommended list. In the push mode, assign cases to agents of your choice based on the recommendations.

Works With Your Existing Case Assignment Queues

Leverage your existing case assignment queues without any modification.

Assign Cases Without Context Switching

Read the full case details and the customer history; determine the right agent and assign each case without context switching.

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