Customer Insights

Effortless Customer Management

Virtual Accounts and Groups

Customer Insights

Effortless Customer Management

Virtual Accounts and Groups

Relate, Renew and Retain your Customers

  • Understand customer sentiment, feedback, churn risk without surveys
  • Improve collaboration between support, sales and customer success teams
  • Get real-time alerts when the customers are unhappy or experiencing product issues
  • Predict and proactively resolve customer escalations
  • Get the account summary snapshot before customer outreach

Unique Insights That You Have Never Seen Before

Panoramic View of the Customer

Automatically extract customer sentiment, churn risk, product feedback, feature requests and all the other critical events from the support conversations

Get Account Snapshot

Get a quick overview of outstanding tickets, escalations, pending engineering and product issues.

Calculate the Cost of Servicing Your Customers

Calculate the overall service cost using the existing information in the support tickets

Effortless Customer Management

Track Churn and Your Key Accounts

Add your key accounts as favorites and start receiving proactive alerts. Stay on top of things by managing your favorite accounts in your personalized dashboard.

Advanced Cohort Analysis

Segment your customers by region, type, NPS score, churn risk and myriad of other factors and use them as filters throughout the product for analytics and drill-down.

Customer Notes

Add customer notes and broadcast important messages to the ticket owners

Merge and Group Accounts Without Code Changes

Create Virtual Accounts

Merge related and duplicate accounts without any modifications to your underlying ticketing system. Create cohort groups for your customers by region, CSAT/NPS score etc.

Create Virtual Groups

Create logical groups of your accounts. For instance you can create a group for all your premium accounts, accounts in east coast or accounts that have high churn risk

Powerful Filtering

Virtual accounts and virtual groups becomes filterable objects. You can view analytics of these accounts as a group and drill down to individual account

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