Predictive Triggers


Events API

Predictive Triggers


Events API

Reduce Escalations and Improve Visibility to Customer Health

With SupportLogic SX Predictive Alerts

  • Gain continuous visibility to cases likely to be escalated and likely to miss SLAs
  • Harness real-time customer sentiment scores, product feedback and churn risk
  • Empower broader team visibility across functional groups
  • Create sophisticated alerts with a simple drag and drop interface
  • Receive alerts where you work using your preferred collaboration tools
  • Drive workflow actions with a configurable event APIs

Predictive and Real-Time Voice of the Customer Triggers

Predictive Alerts are powered by natural language processing (NLP) and are content and context aware to infer customer sentiment from both structured and unstructured data.

Capture Real-Time Customer Sentiment

Get a continuous pulse of the customer sentiment, identify churn risk signals.

Avoid Customer Escalations

Gain continuous visibility to support cases likely to be escalated.

Never Miss an SLA

Get proactively notified when a support case is likely to miss an SLA.

Capture Product Feedback

Identify feature requests, negative and positive product feedback.

Stay on Top of Support Cases

Get proactively notified whenever customers experience critical issues or need an immediate response.

Rich Context Delivery and Personalization

Highly configurable alert engine that enables collaboration across teams.

Get Notified Wherever You Work

Receive alerts in your favorite collaboration tool (Slack, MS Teams, Email, etc.)

Notify Support Engineers

Keep support engineers in the loop.

Drag, Drop and Done

Create sophisticated alerts with a simple drag and drop interface.

System and Personal Alerts

Create alerts for your entire team (system wide) or create a personal alert.

Events API

Receive API callback when an alert event is triggered.

Events API with Configurable Payload

Drive workflow actions with event APIs. Add custom payload to include additional case details. Integrate the API to any one of your internal applications.

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