Topics & Trends

Operational Analytics

Customizable Charts

Topics & Trends

Operational Analytics

Customizable Charts

Automatically extract the voice of the customer

  • Go beyond metadata and automatically extract signals from support conversations
  • Share insights and strengthen collaboration between engineering, product and customer success teams
  • Create custom profiles and customize dashboards to your workflows
  • Spot trends, outliers, anomalies and drill-down to an individual ticket
  • Benchmark and compare your team's historical and current performance

A Fitness Dashboard for Your Support Operations

Track Customer Experience

Track your customer experience without surveys. If you have an existing CSAT and NPS survey program you can integrate those results into the dashboard and get a holistic picture.

Track Escalations

Understand what is driving customer escalations. Identify patterns and slice and dice the data by region, priority or any one of your case fields.

Track Support Efficiency

Analyze the efficiency of your support teams. Set your team's goals and priorities and benchmark their performance. With the drill-down charts identify the bottlenecks with few simple clicks.

Track Your SLA/SLO Compliance

Configure and track sophisticated Service Level Agreements (SLA) and Service Level Objectives (SLO) without any coding and modifications to your underlying ticketing system.

Transform Raw Data into Powerful Reports

Wrangle your Case Fields Without Modification

Map your existing case fields into meaningful representation without any coding or modifications to the underlying ticketing system

Merge Duplicate & Redundant Fields

Merge duplicate and redundant case fields to produce powerful dashboards without any coding or modifications to the underlying ticketing system

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