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Unifying Support & Service Experience with Customer Data

TSIA Webinar

In the everything-as-a-service economy, revenue growth is directly linked to how well you deliver a good service experience to your customers. Your frontline service, support, and success teams need to understand and act on customer signals in real time and as a unified team to help customers through their journey of on-boarding, product adoption, retention, and expansion. In this webinar, learn how Fivetran has partnered with SupportLogic to improve service quality, efficiency, and proficiency, resulting in improvements in CSAT, NPS, and customer sentiment scores.

How Databricks and Qlik use real-time "Signals" to improve customer satisfaction

TSIA Webinar

Are you listening to your customers’ key signals? Your customers are sending you a veritable blizzard of feedback about your product and service offerings as they interact with your support and success organizations. With the power of artificial intelligence (AI), natural language processing (NLP), and sentiment analysis, you can extract signals such as frustration, confusion, impatience, appreciation, and more from interactions already captured in your CRM system. In this panel discussion, you will hear from two data-driven customer support leaders on how they leveraged SupportLogic to proactively detect signals, improve CSAT, and deliver accelerated business outcomes.

How Aruba-HPE and Nutanix Optimize Support Operations in the Experience Economy

TSIA Webinar

Support organizations are being asked to improve operational performance, grow and retain talent, deliver outcomes, and delight customers, while still focusing on operational performance. In this webinar, you will hear from pacesetter support leaders from Aruba-HPE and Nutanix about how they launched programs to transform their visibility into, and management of, their operations and teams, while delivering outstanding customer experience and business outcomes.

Panelists: John Ragsdale, ; Krishna Raj Raja, Deepak Chawla, Joshua Simon

Real-World Examples of Digital Transformation

TSW 2019 Pre-Conference Keynote Panel Discussion

In this panel discussion, pacesetter TSIA member companies discuss about the potential for digital transformation, early success stories, and challenges from a variety of perspectives across the enterprise.

Panelists: John Ragsdale, TSIA; Karolin DiCristina, TSIA; Krishna Raj Raja, SupportLogic; Ashok Gunasekaran, Informatica; Elizabeth Tsui, Blue Prism

System of Intelligence for Next-Gen Support

ASP Conference on Advanced AI Tools for Support

In this presentation Krishna Raj Raja, Founder and CEO of SupportLogic talks about how traditional System of Records (ticketing systems) can be augmented with System of Intelligence.

Whitepapers & Datasheets

How Nutanix Support and Engineering Collaborate to Prevent Escalations

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How Aruba-HPE and Nutanix Optimize Support Operations in the Experience Economy

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Predict and Prevent Escalations

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Intelligent Case Assignment

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Challenges and Limitations of Customer Survey Metrics

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Product Demos

Intelligent Customer Management™

Track customer journey and their overall experience with your support organization

SupportLogic enables Intelligent Customer Management™ using NLP and Machine Learning. You could get powerful analytics and track your customer journey and their overall experience of with your support organization in a self-service dashboard.

Proactive Customer Experience Management

Read Support tickets at Scale and Proactively identify customer sentiment

SupportLogic uses NLP and ML to read every support ticket and helps you spot issues before it is too late

One of the hottest startups in Silicon Valley right now.

John Ragsdale

Distinguished VP of Technology Research at Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA)