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SupportLogic Predictive Alerts provide a customer sentiment pulse that we can act on in real-time to reduce escalations. Our support managers use alerts daily to prioritize accounts that need intervention and save significant research time, while improving visibility of customer health status across our teams.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Demo Dataset
Is SupportLogic SOC 2 Type II Certified?

Yes. SupportLogic is committed to regular audits and assessments so that we can meet and exceed compliance requirements. Each Customer can ensure their data is protected using industry best practices and beginning with being Soc 2 Type 2 compliant, we are constantly evaluating new and evolving security compliance requirements.

How is my data protected?

We create a dedicated virtual private cloud (VPC) for every customer. Your data is securely stored and isolated. In addition to encryption every system requires two-factor authentication.

Do you collect sensitive data like usernames and password?

SupportLogic does not require login details or password to your ticketing system of record. However to use the SupportLogic application we require you to have an account created in our platform. We provide two options for account creation, you can create individual user accounts using your email address or sign-in with your existing slack credentials. If you use sign-in with slack functionality we collect your slack profile information.

Who has access to my data once it is on the SupportLogic platform?

Only you − or someone you invite to your SupportLogic account − can see and run analytics against your data.

What happens to the data after I delete by account?

When your account is terminated SupportLogic will mark all your data for eventual deletion. However at request your data will be deleted within 3 business days.

Does SupportLogic use my data in any way other than for my own use?

SupportLogic does not share your data to anyone. Non individually-identifiable data may be queried by SupportLogic to provide system-wide analytics but it’s never shared with any third party.

How is data transported and stored at rest?

All collected data is strongly encrypted using TLS 1.2 (and above) when streaming to SupportLogic.

All the data that is stored in our cloud infrastructure is encrypted under the 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard, and each encryption key is itself encrypted with a regularly rotated set of master keys.

What is a sandbox demo?

Sandbox demo allows you to experience the full feature capabilities of using a demo dataset. SupportLogic uses SalesForce Service Cloud as the system of record for the demo environment.

What is the source of the demo dataset?

Demo dataset is derived from publicly available tickets from open source software.

Can I invite other users into the sandbox demo?

Yes you can invite your colleagues via User management.

Can I share a case in sandbox demo?

Sandbox demo is configured to use slack. You can share the sample case to someone in your organization via slack.

Can I configure alerts in the sandbox?

Yes you can create alerts and choose a notification method either via slack or email.

Does the Sandbox support MS Teams?

SupportLogic platform supports MS Teams, however the demo environment is configured for slack.

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