Prediction Engine

Escalation Dashboard

Escalation Collaboration

Prediction Engine

Escalation Dashboard

Escalation Collaboration

Stop Firefighting and Start Preventing Customer Escalations

with SupportLogic SX Escalations Management

  • Reduce customer escalations up to 40%
  • Leverage customer sentiment, urgency and 40 other signals to predict escalations in advance
  • Manage customer escalations in a modern kanban board
  • Share, swarm and collaborate cases and reduce case resolution time by up to 25%
  • Preempt escalations and increase customer satisfaction

World's First Intelligent Customer Escalation Prevention Engine

Predictive Intelligence with Prescriptive Recommendations

Predict escalations and also take the right pre-emptive corrective actions by identifying the factors that are driving the case towards escalation.

Acknowledge, Dismiss or Snooze Predictions

Manage the queue by acknowledging, dismissing or snoozing the predictions.

Bespoke Machine Learning Models with Feedback Loop

Fine-tune the prediction engine to your specific needs by providing feedback via an intuitive UI. Machine learning models will automatically adapt to your needs based on your feedback.

Powerful Workflows for Customer Escalations Management

Escalation Report by Account

Track escalations by customer account. Identify the engineering and product issues associated with the escalations.

Track Incoming Escalation Requests

Automatically identify which customer requested an escalation by leveraging the power of NLP.

Add Customer Escalation Notes

Add and edit escalation notes and share progress.

Collaborate and Resolve Escalations Quickly

Seamlessly Create Slack Channels for Escalations

Create slack channels for escalations with a simple drag and drop action and automatically invite all the relevant parties.

Case Sharing

Share case details with your engineering or customer success teams. Enable collaboration between cross-functional teams.

User Permissions and Roles

Leverage fine-grained user permissions to enable role-based workflows and views.

Single Pane of Glass for Escalation Management

Manage customers escalations in a powerful kanban board

Predict which cases are likely to be escalated with the factors that are driving them

Automatically spot new customer escalation requests using NLP

Track all new escalations and seamlessly create slack channels for collaboration

Track the progress of all active escalations and add escalation notes

Get escalations report grouped by customer. Export the report and share it with your team

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