1. Operations Console

2. Case Board

3. Intelligent Alerts

1. Operations Console

2. Case Board

3. Intelligent Alerts

Run customer support operations like you have never before!

with SupportLogic SX Support Operations

  • Transform your customer support operations from reactive to proactive
  • Improve visibility and eliminate operational risks
  • Reduce case review time by up to 60%
  • Improve collaboration within support and with the rest of the organization
  • Improve the productivity of your support management team

Make Your Customer Support Team Insanely Productive

Monitor cases in real time, spot cases that need attention and fix problems before it is too late

Early Warning System

Quickly identify SLA targets that are about to be breached as well as customers expressing negative sentiments or requesting escalations.

Acknowledge Sentiment

Never duplicate efforts with your peers; acknowledge a case to signal that you've got it handled.


Share the case and customer sentiment with anyone in your organization (even those who don't have access to your ticketing system).

Swarm, Collaborate and Annotate

Invite subject matter experts, sales and customer success team members to provide additional customer context and resolve issues quickly. Annotate case data and start an internal conversation thread.

Add Case Notes and Comments

Add internal case notes for support engineers or send messages to your customers directly without having to context switch.

Track Open Case Backlog

Track case backlog by sentiment score, attention score, case age, last response and a myriad of other signals

Supercharged Case Backlog Management

Supercharge your case backlog management with custom lists based on case sentiment, urgency, and signals such as escalations.

Case Information is Just One Click Away

You can access case data and the entire case history with just one click from any case list.

Customize it Anyway You Want

Create custom case lists, you can leverage any one your existing case fields or the signals extracted by NLP.

Content and Context-Aware Alerts

Increase your visibility and get intelligent notifications based on many events

Intelligent NLP powered Alerts

Leverage the power of NLP to get notified in real-time when a customer is unhappy, or a case is likely to be escalated.

Highly Configurable

Configure alerts to your heart's content with quick drag and drop functionality. Create personal alerts that notify only you, or system wide alerts for a wider audience.

Email, Slack and Microsoft Teams Support

Receive alerts in real-time via Slack, MS Teams or email.

Events API with Configurable Payload

Receive API callback when an alert event is triggered. Add custom payload to include additional case details. Integrate the API to any one of your internal applications.

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